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Hourly 60 Hourly60

What exactly is Hourly60

Hourly is a tool designed to keep track of the time you spend working on various projects. It allows you to track a number of projects (one at a time). It’s a bot working in Messenger, so all you need is a smartphone with Messenger.

Great if you get paid by the hour or even if you want to know how much time per week you spend on housework or gaming.

Why Messenger

Messenger has been chosen because of its popularity. Since April 2016 you can create bots for this platform. However, Hourly can be available on any instant messaging platform that provides bot functionality. As it is becoming mandatory functionality for IM platforms, we will gradually add Hourly60 to new platforms.

Why a bot

Nowadays we all use different IM apps to communicate with others. Almost everybody has them installed on their phone. The most popular IM apps have their web version and are also available on laptop / desktop.

Bots are programmes communicating with you through IM apps. As such they do not need any special program to install. And this is a great advantage - you do not need to install anything to be able to use a bot.

Getting started

This section will show you the basic usage of the bot. First you have start communicating with Hourly60. The easiest way is:

Choose which one you prefer and go to the next step. When you start to communicate with 'hourly60', please type 'Add project 1'. This will create a new 'project 1' and you will be able to log time for that project.

You can check if the project was created. The command 'list' selects all available projects. Type it to see 'project 1' you just created.

Then 'Start project 1' to start counting time for that project.

When you finish working on the project, type 'Stop' to stop counting the time.

After using the 'start' and 'stop' commands for a few times, you can view the times you have entered, one by one. Type 'view project 1'. To make it more readable it is limited to 5 items.

You can see a report for the project by typing 'report project 1'. In the report you can see total time logged for project as well as summary of the time entered per day. To make it more readable it is limited to 5 items.


Bot provides commands to manage logged items. If you do want to remove entries in a project you can do it by typing 'remove'. E.g.: if you want to delete 1 hour 13 minutes logged on 26 Aug for 'project 1', you need to type 'remove project 1' and then choose appropriate number from list of logged times (corresponding to time you want to remove from project).

Typing 'view project 1' we can check if the time was removed by us:

If you want to update project with a time you forgot to log, you need to add a new item. Typing 'add project 1' and after that typing 'Aug 26 2:15' will add a new entry of 2 hours 15 mins on 26 Aug to 'project 1'.

Typing 'view project 1' you can check if the time '2 hours 15 mins' was added on '26 Aug':

If you want to change logged time, first you need to remove it and then add a new entry. This operation replaces logged time with a new value.

'default project'

We introduced a 'default project' – it will be added if you start counting time without specifying a project name. Such project will be named 'default project'. It is always available and it behaves like any other projects. You can always rename it. You can:

Add and delete project

If you plan to start logging time for a new project 'project 2' you need to create a new name. Please type 'add project 2' to create a new project 'project 2'.

Listing projects shows that a new 'project 2' has been created.

If you do not want to log and see a project, you can delete it. By typing 'delete project 2' you are deleting previously created 'project 2'.

Listing projects shows that a new 'project 2' has been deleted.

Rename Project

Listing projects:

you realised that you want to change name of 'project 1' to 'project 11'. You can do it by typing 'rename project1' and after that typing a new name: 'project 11'.

Listing projects shows that a new name 'project 11' has been updated.


By typing 'help' you are able to access help information about available commands:

Other Sites:


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